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Academic Advisory

IGlobal University executives, administrative staff, and faculty work harmoniously with the students.  They show compassion and take pride in their work as IGlobal University is committed to providing a wide range of outstanding student services:

Academic Advising is provided to students by the Academic Dean, by faculty, and by administrative staff for a variety of academic needs that include, but not limited to, admissions interviews, evaluation of transfer credit award, if applicable, program courses selection for timely registration and payment of tuition and applicable fees, determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), preparation of Capstone Projects, and guidance in scholarly activity. 

Several specific academic advising options are available to students. The Academic Advisor is available online, by telephone or via email for academic inquiries or course completion requirements.  Also, students are urged to immediately contact them to discuss personal issues that may affect their academic performance. They are also available for consultation for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), preparation of professional resumes, or career advising and planning.  The scope of academic advising may include:

1. Analyzing personal interests related to academic and career planning.
2. Determining the appropriate and suitable educational program for successfully achieving a chosen career or goal.
3. Selecting courses and student activities that maximize scholarly activity and potential  academic success.
4. Developing a suitable academic plan that encompasses both the course workload and the supplemental needs of the students.
5. Academic progression in the pursuit and completion of required Research Scholarly activity and the Capstone Project.


Academic mentoring is also provided by some of our exceptional faculty members. See the list of mentors and schedule a meeting with the faculty member that can help your academic program. CLICK HERE to see the list of faculty members.

The Admissions administrative staff provides valuable guidance to prospective students in regard to admission requirements for each program, academic system, eligibility for transfer credits and advanced standing, if any.  The staff can also assist the students in securing the needed documents to complete the admission process.

The Admissions staff can provide guidance to prospective foreign students in meeting the admission requirements, in particularly in securing a letter of verification for educational funding, meeting the English language proficiency, if required, and processing the evaluation of foreign transcripts for transfer credits eligibility and payment of the foreign transcripts fee, if applicable.
Note: F-1 students must seek appropriate and timely guidance from the Primary Designated School Officer (PDSO) and Designated School Officers (DSOs) to ensure that the F-1 students comply with the SEVIS regulations.

General Advising is provided to students by the Student Affairs staff for nearby housing information (as IGlobal University does not have dormitories on campus), schedules of public transportation, application for personal banking, etc.  The Student Affairs Office will also coordinate an Orientation Day for resident students to attend sample lectures on site at IGlobal University.  All new resident students are required to attend the University’s Orientation program so that they can also be familiar with the key members of the IGlobal University community and institutional operation.


Prior to the start of a term, all Distance Education enrolled students will receive Orientation information that include instructions to attend a Blackboard Basic Training and access the Blackboard educational platform, learn ways to communicate with the assigned Academic Advisor, technical support, etc.  The Orientation is also available to the Academic Advisor so that instructional contact with Distance Education students can be achieved prior to the beginning of a course to provide students with course objectives, expectations and coursework completion requirements.

Please email [email protected] for more information or appointment.

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