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Exploring Career & Training Opportunities WUST Student

When designing and planning the activities in our CSC, we periodically collect feedbacks from internal and external stakeholders. Our internal stakeholders are our students, faculty, and staff. Our external stakeholders are our employers, PAC members, and expectations of regulatory/licensure agencies.


In order to meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders, we use ‘SkillsUSA Framework”, as shown below.


WUST’s Career Services Center offers various activities designed to engage students as active participants in their career development from freshman through alumni.


Values of CSC

Our philosophy guiding us during our day-to-day operation is to lead the effort of creating and establishing a culture of the career-centered campus.

Through strategic partnerships with the campus community and employers, Career Services will be the center for student professional development and career placement at WUST.  


Our Values


CSC upholds the following universal values:


  • Inclusion: To create a welcoming environment respectful of individuals’ unique backgrounds, beliefs, and goals.

  • Service-centred: To exceed the expectations of our internal and external constituents through open communication and responsiveness.​

  • Student-centred:  To promote student responsibility for lifelong career development through exploration, education, and experience.​

  • Employer Connections: To develop and strengthen relationships with employers to create opportunities for students.​

  • Collaboration: To partner with stakeholders across the University to enhance and support student achievement.​

  • Outcomes: To collect and report data to the campus community to assist the leaders to establish data-driven decision-making process culture.

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