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IGU Student Newsletter

Spring 2018 edition 

Being a student is an incredible stage in one's life. But being an International student takes the experience to a whole new level. We asked our students to voice out their stories in what will be the very first addition of IGU's student e-newsletter.

Life as an F1 Student

Coming to a new country is not easy. Adjusting to different life conditions comes with various challenges. Read more about how to avoid taking the wrong bus, how to dress properly, and much more.

Change of Status Journey

This student thought it would take 3-4 months to embark on this journey. What he didn't realize is that USCIS takes much longer than that to make a decision.

Nigerian Jollof Rice

Hungry for an African dish? A student from Nigeria provided an authentic recipe, followed by a step-by-step detailed instruction and a video.

Options after OPT

Your OPT is expiring soon. The big question is what to do next. Experts explain one of the options in details.

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