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Master Of
Business Administration

MBA Program Objectives (PO)

1. Business Leadership & Management Skills: (SkillsUSA Framework: Academic)

Demonstrate an ability to apply a significant amount of business administration knowledge within the following domains of the MBA program. (MBA 511, MBA 513, MBA 691)


a) Leadership & Management
b) Accounting & Finance
c) Health Care Management
d) Human Resource Management
e) IT Management
f) Project Management


2. Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving Skills: (SkillsUSA Framework: Workplace)

To demonstrate an ability to identify problems, define objectives collect and analyze information, evaluate risks and alternatives, and leverage technology to solve organizational problems using a strategic planning approach. (MBA 523, MBA 515, MBA 691)


3. Communication and Team Management Skills: (SkillsUSA Framework: Workplace)

To demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and mobilize team for a common purpose with a clear understanding of organizational behavior and change. (MBA 525, MBA 519, MBA 691)


4. Social Responsibility & Ethical Decision-Making Skills: (SkillsUSA Framework: Personal)

To demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze corporate social responsibilities and apply ethical decision-making principles during day-to-day operations. (MBA 517, MBA 691)

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