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Our Mission


The WUST Writing Lab offers a free collaborative space in which all members of the WUST community can find support for their efforts to become more effective writers. We aim to empower writers to discover their own solutions to the challenges in their writing and gain confidence in their English language skills through one-on-one collaborative tutoring sessions. Our goal is not to “fix” papers for students, but rather to help them discover solutions. We help students brainstorm, problem-solve, and revise their writing, as well as provide a wide range of support resources. 

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What We Do


We provide one-on-one collaborative tutoring sessions and a wide range of support resources to help you become a more effective writer.


Writing Coaches assist with:

  • Defining assignment requirements

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Discovering your purpose, thesis statement, and audience

  • Forming and supporting your argument

  • Strategies for researching and drafting your papers

  • Organizing and formatting

  • Revision and editing strategies

  • Helping you become a stronger editor and proofreader

  • APA style

  • And more!

Summer 2024 Hours

Tuesdays                    12 PM - 6:30 PM

Wednesdays               12 PM - 4:00 PM

Thursdays                   12 PM - 6:30 PM

Fridays                        12 PM - 6:30 PM

Saturdays                    12 PM - 4:00 PM

In-person appointments will be held in the library (Room 230).

ESL tutoring is available with Dr. Robert Cavanaugh (by appointment only). Contact the Writing Lab for referral.

Meet Our Team

Writing Coaches

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She holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and has extensive experience working as a public health professional in non-governmental organizations including the World Health Organization in Nepal. Her core interests lie in research writing, statistical data analysis, information, and project management. She is passionate about fitness, and frequently visits the gym and listens to music in her leisure time.


She is a polyglot and humor enthusiast! She speaks 5 languages and has over a year of experience teaching English. She's always ready for new challenges and to share a laugh along the way.

"I am your go-to person for language learning, writing tips, and a good dose of humor."



She is an architect with research experience with the University of Liverpool, UK, and BRAC University, Bangladesh. Her research focus on informal settlements, specifically marginalized communities. Currently, she is a second-year MSIT student aiming to integrate her architectural expertise with information technology to improve the lives of underprivileged communities.

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He hails from India and has a passion for leveraging technology and creativity to make an impact. His professional expertise is in Power BI development, web development, graphic design and digital marketing. In his personal life, he enjoys photography and gardening, which reflects his commitment to grow and sustainability.


Andrew Winters Photo.png

Andrew Winters [they/he]
Asst. Manager, Center for Student Success

They bring 5 years of experience in higher education and a commitment to student success stories to the CSS. Their goal is to provide personalized help to every student during their time at WUST. Their personal passions include academic research, painting, reading and writing fiction, playing TTRPGs, and cuddling big, slobbery dogs.

Academics_Robert Cavanaugh.tif

Dr. Robert Cavanaugh 
General Education Professor | English as a Second Language Tutor

His goal is to provide the tools and foundation necessary for WUST students to communicate, read and succeed in English effectively. He has over 25 years of work experience in the English as a Second Language Field, and his passion for teaching, and learning, and his desire to assist students in their educational journey have fueled every career decision.


Support for Faculty


The Writing Lab offers support to faculty as well as students. If you would like us to come to your class to talk about the Writing Lab, present on a topic, or run a workshop, please fill out the request form below. Please feel free to email us any time if you have questions.

Contact Us

Room 230, 2nd Floor Library


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