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Selin Yigit - President

Hello, my name is Selin. I am currently studying BSIT. I am the new president of SGA. I like challenges, and being president of the student body is an attractive challenge for me. I will be active with the Students' Government Association (SGA). I will encourage the formation of clubs and organizations that engage students in social, cultural, and academic opportunities. I will work to improve all aspects of campus life, such as diversity and inclusion, transparency among students and University officials as a whole, and fostering collaborative environments. These actions will ensure a positive representation of all students of WUST. We will be here to make it happen.


Md Mustafijur Rahman - Vice-President

Hello, I am Md Mustafijur Rahman. Student of MSCS at WUST. Currently serving as Vice-President of SGA to WUST students to develop a great network between all of us. I am passionate to volunteer activities, love social gatherings, and brainstorm with others to gather knowledge. I believe a great network is helpful to all aspects like social, cultural, academic, and career. Together we can change the world and reach new heights. I am friendly, self-motivated, and kind, and love to take on challenges. We are here to support our students.


Sukru Aytac Canbaz - Treasurer

I am currently studying BSIT program. Having a financial and economic background, I will fulfill this role to the best of my ability. As the current Treasurer, I will actively work with the President and other board members to create a budget and submit it to the Student Government Association board and ensure club activities are within budget.


Abdul Rehman - Secretary

Hey, my name is Abdul Rehman! I am studying BSIT and I am currently in my 3rd year. I am the new secretary of the Students' Government Association (SGA). I will try my best when carrying out every task. I consider myself on good terms with all the students and I have many friends in every group. I am always willing to help.

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Ahmed Abdelhafez

Hello, I am Ahmed Abdelhafez. I am an MBA student at the Washington University of Science and Technology. Being a new member of SGA is a great honor. SGA members are the liaison between students and university officials.
I look forward to utilizing my communication skills to positively impact the student community and support our fellow students, which ultimately makes our university a great place to study and work.

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Khaled Tlili

Hello, my name is Khaled. I am currently studying for an MBA. I like civic society and I always want to contribute to social activities. I appreciate the fact that we do have social clubs at the campus because they allow social, cultural, and academic exchanges and they enhance the interaction between the students. I will definitely, with the help of the members, contribute to foster collaborative environments. I like the fact that we  work together to create a positive impact that will last to future generations.

Please email us if you have any suggestions or comments about SGA at



Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

Easter Cake

Easter Monday

Sun, Apr 17 - Mon, Apr 18, 2022

All day


Big-Interview and Resume Workshop – Mr. Ameet Guptaa

Thursday, April 21, 2022

12:00pm to 1:00pm


Job Fair.jpg

Career Job Fair

Saturday, June 11, 2022

12:00pm to 2:00pm


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