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WUST Tuition Assistance

  1. An applicant must be in good standing (financial, academic, and otherwise) with the university.

  2. WUST’s merit-based financial assistance awards are tuition credits only. As such, the amount of the award will be credited against the tuition balance a student has to pay in each term. 

  3. Tuition assistance is awarded after applying any government or outside institution grant (example: Military benefits, Company scholarships directly awarded to school) and the total amount of all the financial assistance can’t be over 100% of the tuition of the term.

  4. All prospective applicants must meet the admission requirements for the program of study they applied for before being considered for any financial assistance award. 

  5. No student will be awarded two or more types of tuition assistance concurrently (except the 10% additional tuition assistance to returning WUST Alumni).

  6. Each recipient is required to maintain the eligibility requirements of the tuition assistance awarded to them throughout the duration of the study.

  7. Students who demonstrate the following issues may lose their award, regardless of the type of award:

    1. Failure to maintain the required GPA which qualified them for the award (if required)

    2. Receiving a grade of “F” in any course (except for mitigating circumstances such as medical reasons)

    3. Disciplinary action

    4. Reported violation of codes of conduct (both academic and non-academic)

  8. WUST’s tuition assistance programs are open to both domestic and international students.

  9. If a current student drops out of a program or changes their program of study, the student must re-apply for the tuition assistance program upon re-instatement of his/her enrollment with WUST.

  10. Each assistance is awarded for the life of the program, unless otherwise specified in advance. Therefore, students are no longer required to renew their application for each term, unless a student lost eligibility for the current award or plans to apply for another one.

  11. Tuition Assistance is for Tuition only and is not applied to any other fees.

Merit-Based Tuition Assistance* Programs

* Assistance is applied as a discount on tuition based on merit.

Please note that we also had a private scholarship program called Dr. AK Abdul Momen Scholarship, sponsored by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, but that scholarship is no longer effective after the Spring 2023 term. The awardees of this scholarship will continue to receive the benefits until the duration of their studies as long as they maintain the original eligibility criteria.

Tuition Assistance Programs
Merit-Based Tuition Assistance Programs

Academic Merit (Presidential)

This award is designed to recognize and promote academic excellence both at undergrad and graduate programs. Recipients of this assistance will also get a chance to dine with the president of the university.

Eligibility Criteria:
For Freshmen:

High School CGPA

For Int’l Students:
Foreign credential evaluation showing CGPA.

For Transfer students:
CGPA of completion of minimum 13.5 credits from an accredited university.  

For Current WUST students:
CGPA of completion of minimum one full term:

  • 9 credits (in Graduate programs)

  • 13.5 credits (in Undergraduate programs)

Award Amount:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.8 for 20% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 10% of the tuition.

For Undergrad Students:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 20% of the tuition
CGPA: 3.0 for 10% of the tuition
Note: CGPA scores will be rounded.

Note: 10% additional assistancewill be added to the WUST Alumni in each category. (For Graduate Students over CGPA 3.0 will get 10% of the tuition)

Female Students

Matching Award
The matching award is for students who have been officially awarded a scholarship by a U.S. based businesses / organizations including state and federal agencies.

Eligibility Criteria:

Proof of scholarship awarded by a U.S. based institution.

Award Amount:

The exact scholarship (either % or $ awarded) will be matched.
In no circumstances, a student can receive more than 50% WUST tuition assistance towards his/her program tuition calculated per quarter.
Award is credited quarterly as long as the U.S. based business / organization continues to award the scholarship.

Young Student
Tuition Assistance Programs

First Country

The “First Country" program was created to promote cultural diversity at WUST. This assistance is available to the first student representing a country from which WUST never enrolled a student previously.


Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant should be the first applicant from a specific country; based on

  • Country of Birth.

  • Only admitted students.

  • One student per program of study.


Award Amount:

  • 30% of the total tuition.

  • Relief amount is credited quarterly.

Map in Grass

Special Talent
This relief is awarded to students who have demonstrated superior talent and experiences outside the classroom. This should include, but is not limited to, experience in the fields of athletics, music, and art. Candidates’ professional experiences are also considered.

Eligibility Criteria:
Student must submit documents /artifacts to prove the talents. Among the acceptable artifacts are media coverage, professional membership, CDs, award, recognition, and letter from the professional agency, etc.

Relief Amount:
30% of the total tuition.
Award is credited quarterly. 
Both undergrad and grad students (current & prospective can apply)

Dependents of U.S. Veterans
WUST is committed to providing financial incentives to families and dependents of the U.S. military personnel in appreciation of their services and sacrifices for the country.

Eligibility Criteria:
The applicant must submit a proof of their dependent status to a U.S military personnel.

Relief Amount:
Dependents: 30% of the total tuition.


Veteran Memorial Service

Family Assistance

The immediate family member who is already enrolled in WUST with a minimum GPA of 3.0 gets a 30% discount per quarter.

Eligibility Criteria:
Immediate Family member of newly enrolled student.
Immediate family members include parents, siblings, children and spouses.

Relief Amount:
30% tuition discount until completing the program from the time when another immediate family member is enrolled at WUST

Family Picnic

Government Worker Assistance
Current employees and their immediate family members from any level of government (local, state, federal, or foreign including embassy) who enroll in degree programs at WUST.

Eligibility Criteria:
An official letter on a letterhead or verifiable document(s), i.e., recent pay stub, official email from Human Resources, is required for proof of employment.  

Award Amount:
30% tuition discount until the duration of program of study.

Professional Smiling Woman

First Quarter
In order to attract highly qualified and motivated students, WUST made a tradition to offer considerable discount during the first term for all applicants.

Eligibility Criteria:
All residential students only.
This assistance is given only for the first quarter at WUST.
Student can apply academic merit tuition assistance after the first quarter.

Award Amount:
Relief amount is 50% of the first quarter tuition.

Smiling Businessman

Renewal of Tuition Assistance

WUSTs tuition assistance is awarded for the life of the program for which students first applied and enrolled, except when their assistance was preconditioned otherwise. If the recipient changes his/her program of study, the initial award will expire automatically, and the recipient is required to submit a new application. Applicant’s eligibility will be re-evaluated based on the new School Catalog for that particular academic year.  The renewal process is no different than that of the initial grant of the award, regardless of the applicant’s history at WUST.

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