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Admission Team


The International Student Office at Washington University of Science and Technology is dedicated to assisting students from all across the world.  Members of the team have assisted students with obtaining their VISAs from a wide variety of regions including: Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.  Our fundamental belief is that diversity creates opportunity.  The Washington University of Science and Technology international team also has extensive training in F1-VISA requirements and regulations.  In addition the team makes it easy for both prospective and current students to contact a representative via phone, e-mail, web chat, and Skype.

Contact us today at

Admissions Team is accepting appointments:

  • 9:30am - 1pm, Monday to Friday

  • 10:30am - 1pm, Saturday

​​Walk-in hours: 1 - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Please remember that all appointments will be held on campus and in person.

International Student Office Team

Kimberly Simpson

Manager of Admissions


Alex Luketa3_edited.jpg

Alex Luketa

Assistant Manager of Admissions


Lauren Nyilas_edited.jpg

Lauren Nyilas

Admissions Officer



Kelly Pinto

Admissions Officer



Andrew Winters

Admissions Officer

703-941-2020 (front desk)

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