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Tuition & Fees

Registration and matriculation at WUST, or payment of tuition and related fees in advance, does not constitute a contract beyond any single term.  University tuition and fees are set annually by the Board and are effective only for the academic year noted. The estimates of the Cost of Tuition and Fees for Attendance at the WUST are shown below.  Each year Student Services establishes standard estimates to help families determine their financial needs for the year, and for financial aid awarding purposes.


* The cost of books and supplies for the graduate program is around $1,000

** The cost of books and supplies for the undergraduate program is around $1,500

*** The new tuition has been applied from Winter 2022 quarter

Other Fees

* Not applicable to students registered under Veterans Benefits, Chapter 36, Title 38, U.S. Code.

** Change of Status applicant must pay a tuition deposit.

***RFE (Request for Evidence) is for someone who has applied for COS, OPT or any other status with USCIS and received such a notice.

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