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WUST Catalog

It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the information presented in this Catalog and to know and observe all current policies, regulations and procedures related to the program he/she is pursuing. Regulations will not be waived nor exceptions granted because a student pleads ignorance of these policies, regulations or procedures. While academic advisors will assist students in every way possible, the responsibility for following all policies and meeting all requirements and deadlines rests with the student. A student is expected to satisfy the requirements found in the Catalog in effect at the time he/she is admitted to and begins coursework in a degree program. However, a student may elect to graduate under the Catalog in force at the time of his/her graduation, provided the student complies with all requirements of the later Catalog.


New Policies, Regulations, Standards, And Procedures

Washington University of Science and Technology will make every effort to inform its constituents of changes in policies, regulations, standards, and procedures that have been approved and adopted by the University’s Executive Management and administration or mandated by State, Federal and accreditation agencies. In instances where these changes have been implemented after the publication of a new Catalog, Washington University of Science and Technology will bring them to the attention of students and faculty in the following ways:

  • Posting the appropriate changes on this website and email them to all constituents, if necessary.

  • Academic Advisors will announce or post the new academic changes for students’ attention, if necessary.

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