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WUST Alumni Association


The Alumni Association is the gateway to staying connected with WUST throughout your life. Through career connections and professional networking, traditional events, and opportunities for involvement, the Alumni Association connects you to the people, places, and programs you care about most at WUST.


The purpose of the WUST Alumni Association (WAA) is to offer a platform where our former students, our graduates, our employers and other stakeholders stay connected in a mutually beneficial and professionally rewarding venue. As a collective expression of gratitude to WUST so that our work and dedication will strengthen and support our Alma Mater ensuring that it remains a viable institution and that memories of our school life will be kept alive.

The objectives of the Association are to:

  • Organize and mobilize the collective strength of the Alumni for the advancement of education.

  • Stimulate and maintain a spirit of loyalty, love, and pride for our Alma Mater.

  • Assist students with their social and academic development

  • Encourage and maintain a friendly, working relationship among graduates, former students, and WUST personnel.

  • Promote professional growth and rewarding outstanding service contributions to students and alumni of WUST.

  • Maintain a wholesome and supportive relationship with the University when suggesting or implementing alumni programs.


 Alumni Career Services

  Alumni Blogs

  • Tips to be successful in your first job

  • How to become an Entrepreneur

  • Success Stories after graduation

  • Best Practices from the field

  • Challenges you faced after graduation

  • What it means to be an international student after graduation

  • Your OPT experiences

  • Value of Your education

  • Generation Gaps in Employment: Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z etc

  • Gender Gaps in Employment

Other Benefits of Joining WUST Alumni

  • Free admissions to all WUST events such as seminars, conferences, job fairs, workshops and guest speakers

  • Free .EDU e-mail for one year. Most vendors offer discounts for EDU e-mail holders.

  • Free resume clinic (unlimited resume submission and feedback)

  • Free career counseling (in-person or over the skype)

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