Cancellation & Tuition Refund Policy

The University follows the guidelines set forth by SCHEV as described under 8VAC40-31-160 N(1-12).

Cancellation of Enrollment Agreement
A student may cancel the Enrollment Agreement without any financial penalty prior to the end of the add/drop period. Later cancellations should follow the university’s refund policy.  Any tuition payment will be refunded to the student within a 45-day period following his/her cancellation notice. 

Applicants who have not visited the school prior to enrolment will have the opportunity to cancel enrolment without penalty (receive a refund of all money paid other than application/administration fee) within three business days following either the regularly scheduled orientation procedures or following a tour of the school facilities and inspection of equipment where training and services are provided.

Withdrawal from the University
WUST utilizes add/drop period, therefore, per SCHEV policy, a student who withdraws during the add/drop period shall be entitled to 100% tuition refund. The add/drop period at WUST is only one week. 

To initiate the withdrawal process, the student must submit a Withdrawal Form. Students may download the form from our website or obtain a hard copy from the Registrar’s Office or the Office of International Student Services.

Upon submission of the Withdrawal Form, the tuition deposit paid (if any amount) will be refunded. The bank transaction fee, however, will be deducted from this total. In general, the University will refund the tuition deposit in the same manner as it was received by the University (credit card payment, bank wire transaction, or check). Please note that the University will only issue tuition refunds to the organization or person who made the original payment. The application fee and the postage fee are not refundable. In order to get full refund a written notice must be received by the last day of add/drop period. In case of no written notice, the last day of attendance will be determined within 14 calendar days after student stopped attending. See “unofficial withdrawal” below.

WUST will issue refunds to students who have terminated their status as students within 45 days after receipt of a written request or the date the student last attended classes whichever is sooner. Following refund schedule is used to determine any refunds WUST owes to the students in case of dropping a class or withdrawing from the university. 

*Excludes all fees