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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Policies

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit offered to service members to assist with the cost of tuition. Military Tuition Assistance typically covers 100% of tuition, up to the $166.67 cap per quarter hour.


Our undergraduate tuition rate is discounted to $166.67 per quarter hour and our graduate programs are discounted for military personnel. Tuition Assistance only applies to tuition; students are responsible for any fees associated with each term.

Military Tuition Assistance does not pay for fees unless a base education office or branch service portal specifies on a TA authorization form that they are willing to do so.

Military Tuition Assistance rules require accurate start and end dates on all Tuition Assistance authorizations and forms. Please reference the Academic Calendar for the appropriate dates for each enrollment period.

Students will be recouped by their branch of service for grades that are not deemed successful by the DOD. The following grades are acceptable and will not be recouped:

  • Undergraduate: C grade or above
    Graduate: B grade or higher (- and + will be treated like a letter grade

Unearned TA Policy:

  • Anyone wishing to use TA should speak with their Educational Service Officer (ESO) or counselor within their branch of service prior to applying and enrolling.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Tuition Assistance Authorization Forms must be submitted to the Military Benefits Team two weeks before each quarter to allow for ample processing time. All Tuition Assistance Authorization Forms should be submitted to
Military Tuition Assistance
Army Active Duty, Reserve & National Guard Tuition Assistance
1. Create an ArmyIgnitED Account.
Students who want to use Tuition Assistance through the Army must create an ArmyIgniteED account through the IgnitED Student Portal
2. Create your Education Goal.
Students must establish an Education Goal within ArmyIgnitED to be able to request TA. Select Washington University of Science and Technology as your home school and upload a copy of your degree plan.
3. Enroll in Courses at Washington University of Science and Technology.
Connect with the Advising Office where your Military Academic Advisor will review your academic standing and can assist you in registering for courses.
4. Request Tuition Assistance.
You must request Tuition Assistance for your registered course(s) prior to the start of the term date.
Virginia Army National Guard (VAARNG) Tuition Assistance
Virginia Army National Guard soldiers may be eligible to receive both Federal and State Tuition Assistance.
1. Applying for Federal TA
Soldiers looking to use Federal TA, must apply through ArmyIgnitED.  Please follow the instructions above to use ArmyIgnitED.
2. Applying for State TA
Soldiers looking to use State TA, must apply online.
If approved, the ESO will send Washington University of Science and Technology a TA Roster for the semester.
Air Force Air National Guard Tuition Assistance
1. Apply for Tuition Assistance
If you are Air National Guard or on Active Duty, please visit the Air Force Virtual Education Center web portal to request TA.
If you are on drilling status, you may not be eligible to receive Federal TA. Contact your Education Office for more information.
2. Submit Your Tuition Assistance Authorization
Once your Tuition Assistance has been approved, please print the paper authorization from the portal and send it to
Air Force Reserve Tuition Assistance
Air Force Reserve students may request Tuition Assistance (TA) reimbursement through their military education office. This means that the student must make payments directly to Washington University of Science and Technology and the student will receive reimbursement upon successful completion of the course. Tuition Assistance must be requested before the start date of the term to receive reimbursement.
Students using Air Force Reserve Tuition Assistance Reimbursement will be responsible for making payment arrangements by the normal Business Office payment deadlines each semester.
Apply for Reimbursement Tuition Assistance  by logging into the Air Force Portal and reading detailed instructions on the Tuition Assistance Application process.
“Reservists must apply for Tuition Assistance before the start of each class. The Reservist pays attending institution all costs associated with taking each class(s), and is then reimbursed (payment made directly to student) if the grade earned is a C- or better, to include “Satisfactory” and “Pass” on an alternate scale.”
Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, DOD Tuition Assistance
1. Apply for Tuition Assistance
Apply for TA by contacting your respective Human Resources Office, Office Supervisor, or Education Service Officer for instructions, as the specific application process may vary from one DOD agency to another. Please make a note of your registration information (course titles, enrollment dates, etc.) as this will be required on the TA application. Once approved, you will receive the authorized form.
2. Submit Your Tuition Assistance Authorization
Once your Tuition Assistance has been approved, please print the paper authorization and submit a copy to
VA Benefits and Tuition Assistance
There are significant differences between Tuition Assistance, Tuition Assistance TOP-UP, and how TA interacts with VA Benefits.
Tuition Assistance Top-Up was authorized by Public Law 106-398 and allowed VA education benefits to cover the out-of-pocket costs for courses partially paid by Tuition Assistance.
Please contact the Military Benefits Team for assistance with using either your Chapter 30 or Chapter 33 benefits in conjunction with your Tuition Assistance.
For more information on Top-Up eligibility and coverage, visit Tuition Assistance Top-Up | Veterans Affairs (
Tuition Assistance cannot be utilized with any other VA benefit other than Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty and the Post 9/11 GI Bill®.
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