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The Western Union Quick Pay™ service is an acceptable payment method for the mailing fee and is accessible in over 130 countries. Please follow the detailed payment instructions below. 

You can send money with Western Union a few different ways, including online and in person. or mobile app 

If you're a first time user of, you'll need to create a profile. If you're a first time user of the mobile app, download the app first. 

  1. Click Send Money, enter the send amount, currency, and destination.

  2. You can choose how would you like to pay: cash at the retail agent location.

  3. Select how your receiver would like to get the money. Please choose: cash pick up

  4. Review the transfer summary and submit.

Note: For a visual on how to send money online, please click here.

Please write the full name of the student (or students) when sending funds to Washington University of Science and Technology. This will ensure that the funds are applied to the correct student’s ledger. If the student’s name is missing, Washington University of Science and Technology will not accept the funds. I-20 mailing fee is non-refundable, so please fill out the form carefully, and precisely.

In person   
You can visit a Western Union Agent location to send money using cash only. 
You'll need: 

  1. Your receiver’s

                      city: Vienna

                      state: Virginia 

                      country: USA 

   3. Your government-issued ID* 


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