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International (F-1) Admission Requirements

*Not for students who attended /graduated from an accredited U.S. based institution. 

** Financial documents are required for international (F-1 visa) students, as per SEVIS requirements.

*** This is an online learning assessment tool for all applicants to complete and submit at the time of application to assess whether they have the technical skills, competencies, and access to technology necessary to succeed in and benefit from a distance education environment prior to enrolment (ACCSC Standards of Accreditation, Substantive Standards, Section IX (F)(1)(2)). The assessment tool can be found at

For the undergraduate admissions, WUST admits as regular students only persons who

  • Have a high school diploma

  • Have the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma; or

  • Are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in the State in which the institution is physically located.

The official transcript of the previous degree must be sent from the school or in a sealed envelope. An admissions officer will review the transcript, and the Registrar will verify the validity of the official transcript. If there is any issue in the validity of the diploma or the diploma is not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education, the admissions officer will contact the secondary school to verify the information and give the applicant two weeks to resubmit the required documentation. If it is not verified by the secondary school or the applicant can’t submit the application, the application will be canceled.

For International Students:

In addition to the above documents, the following is required:

1. Copy of student’s passport (inside cover and signature page)

2. Original or otherwise certified (notarized) copy of bank statement(s) dated within 6 months of the time of application showing that the international student has adequate funds available to cover the cost of one (1) academic year of study in the USA. This amount is: 

For Undergraduate programs: $22,178.00, and 

For Graduate programs: $20,760.00 

And, if the bank account statement is not in the student’s name, an Affidavit of Financial Support Form must be completed by the sponsor.

3. For transfer-in students: Copy of passport, the I-94, and any previous I-20 forms are required at the time of application.


4. Evidence of English Proficiency (effective for applicants of the Summer 2017 quarter). 


This may include a minimum,

  • TOEFL score of 78 (iBT) Or,

  • IELTS score of 6.0 Or,

  • iTEP score of 3.7 Or, 

  • PTE score of 50 Or, 

  • WAEC score of C6 Or.

  • DET (Duolingo English Test) score of 110, Or

  • TOEIC score of 800 or higher.


Note:  A transfer-in student who has studied in a degree awarding program at an accredited U.S. institution and provides an Official Transcript from their previous institution is exempt from the Evidence of English proficiency requirement.  

A student, who successfully completed all levels of English training in a language school that is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education, will be considered to have satisfactory English proficiency.  Students who scored 3.5 on ITEP test might also be admitted upon written and verbal interview with a qualified ESL specialist at WUST.  

Note: English proficiency may be waived on a case by case basis for domestic applicants who can provide proof of successful employment in the U.S. for at least 3 consecutive years within the past 4 years. To be considered, applicants must submit an English Proficiency Waiver Request.

​5. Previous Transcript & U.S. Equivalency: All applicants must submit official transcripts, or otherwise notarized or attested copies of transcripts, from all colleges or universities previously attended (whether or not a degree was earned).  Transcript for a degree earned outside of the U.S must be evaluated by a member of the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE) or the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or by any other authorized U.S based agency. The University recommends using (International Education Research Foundation, Inc.) IERF. For admission to all graduate programs, a bachelor transcript or its US equivalency is required.  For admission to all undergraduate programs, a high school diploma along with a transcript or its US equivalency is required. 


Note:  For a transfer student, who was once admitted by any an accredited degree granting institution in the U.S.A., WUST does not require foreign credential evaluation as a part of the admission process. An original transcript from the U.S institution is needed to prove that student was admitted to a degree program and as well as to process transfer credit towards WUST.  


6. VISA Copy (F1-VISA holders must present their VISA upon arrival in the U.S. or upon transferring into the University)


  • Students interested in using their military educational benefits at WUST should contact the Military Outreach Office. Students are encouraged to contact their local VA Regional Office regarding questions pertaining to eligibility and entitlements. Upon initial registration to the University, eligible students should submit to the Military Outreach Office, a copy of their certificate of eligibility and/or a copy of their DD-214 along with a copy of their VA-Form 22-1990 or VA-Form 22-1995. The document should be submitted by the registration deadline (The end of Add/Drop period).


7. Conditional Admission Process

Students seeking admission to WUST who do not meet the English Proficiency requirement may be eligible for conditional acceptance. Students who wish to apply for conditional admittance do not need to provide proof of English proficiency or funding documents.

Conditional Admission Requirements:

  • Copy of International Passport

  • Copy of Previous Degree(s)

    • Bachelor’s diploma and transcript for Graduate Applicants

    • High School diploma and transcript for Undergraduate Applicants

All applications of students seeking conditional acceptance will be processed within three business days and will be referred to one of our partner schools upon the payment of a $1,000 (One Thousand Dollar) deposit and $50 (Fifty Dollar) application fee to WUST.
After the student arrives in the United States to attend the English Language Program, the student will be required to update WUST on their progress at least every three months. When the student has completed the program or completed up to an Advanced Level of ESL, they will need to provide an official transcript or certificate from the language school as proof of English proficiency as well of proof of funding for one academic year at WUST.

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