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Dr. Salman Elbedour

Professor of Psychology, School Counselor

Dr. Salman Elbedour is a Professor of Psychology and will serve as our primary School Counselor, a vital member of WUST’s leadership team who will help to maximize your success by providing individual and group counseling. Dr. Elbedour will help you identify your needs, cope with your stressors, and reduce the challenges preventing you from reaching your full potential.

As an esteemed professor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Elbedour has published extensively on trauma, resiliency, coping, and adjustment (academic, social, emotional) and produced more than 85 articles in reputable and refereed journals such as the Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Child Abuse, and Neglect, and the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Adolescence, Addictive Behaviors, Clinical Child and Family Psychology, Transcultural Psychiatry, Anxiety & Depression, Journal of Youth & Adolescence, Intelligence, Journal of Peace Research and Behavioral Research and Therapy. 

Dr. Elbedour received his doctoral degree, and clinical training under the supervision of critical experts and leaders in the education and psychology disciplines in the United States, including Norman Garmezy and Ann Masten in clinical psychology, Alan Sroufe in developmental psychopathology, Byron Egeland in child abuse and neglect, Auke Tellegen in personality assessment, Jim Yessdlke in special education, David Johnson in social psychology, and many other internationally recognized scholars.


For in-person counseling, Dr. Elebadour is available every Monday. He is also available online during regular office hours M-F between 9 am-5 pm EST. To schedule your very first appointment, please feel free to email him at [email protected].

Your success is and will always be our top priority! 

Your academic, social, and emotional welfare are very important to us.

Because of this commitment, WUST established a Center for Student Success in January of 2022 (WUST Center for Student Success (CSS)) to provide access to personalized academic and mental support to help you reach your full potential.

In addition to offering free tutoring services for those struggling academically, the university has hired a School Counselor to provide timely and professional counseling services.


If you believe you are experiencing any of the following stressors, please get in touch with us immediately at Consultation for non-academic matters (,

  • Feeling emotional stress

  • Feeling social stress

  • Feeling homesick and lonely

  • Struggling with an addiction

  • Any other issue that prevents you from functioning normally.

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