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Washington Monument, the National Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Washington University of Science and Technology was founded from a deep commitment of founder Dr. David Sohn and his colleagues to transforming the world by providing the highest quality and most effective education to all individuals around the world. Being a scholar, practitioner, educator, and a former CEO of international IT companies, Dr. Sohn envisioned WUST to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all learners at the local, national, and global levels based on the instruction presented by competent faculty, the offering of advanced and rigorous academic curricula, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies for the most effective and efficient delivery of instruction.

Dr. Sohn’s vision is to provide every human being, especially those who are socially, economically and/or physically underprivileged, with life-long learning opportunities for their intellectual, professional, spiritual, and leadership development and growth. WUST provides:

1. The Most Inexpensive and Competitive Tuition Rates;


2. Education for International Students obtaining degrees in their home country;

(After completing the requirement through 100% online education)


3. Financial assistance to the underprivileged or less fortunate

(e.g., disable, deaf, or blind), military, or seniors;


4. Practical Hands-on Education. (e.g., case studies and practicum)

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