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International Test Of English Proficiency (iTEP)

The International Test of English Proficiency® (iTEP®) is an innovative, Internet-based, multi-purpose assessment tool ideal for use by business and industry, as well as by government agencies and educational institutions. Although iTEP takes only 90 minutes to administer, it delivers accurate, reliable results – results that give you the power to make the sound, well-informed decisions.


Some Of iTEP'S Key Features:

  • ll exam administered in only 90 minutes

  • On-demand testing that provides maximum scheduling flexibility

  • Writing and Speaking sections that call for actual writing and speaking production

  • Qualified graders that evaluate the Writing and Speaking components

  • A clear, informative Score Report and attractive Certificate of Proficiency

  • Evaluation of all skills: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking– plus Grammar


Examination Content:

iTEP includes Education Applications, Business Applications, and Slate sections, and is an online test for English grammar, listening, reading, writing and oral speaking skills. Upon completion, the applicant will receive the iTEP Certificate and iTEP Official Score Report from  Boston Education Services.


Examination results:

The test determines an overall proficiency level from 0 (beginner) to 6 (advanced), as well as individual proficiency levels from 0 to 6 for each of the skills tested. The user’s overall score can also be expressed as a half level (0.5, 1.5, etc).

  • The reading, listening, and grammar sections are scored automatically by the computer

  • The writing and speaking samples are evaluated according to standard criteria by trained ESL professionals who are native English speakers

  • Each test section is weighed equally There is no penalty in the multiple-choice sections for incorrect answers

  • The official score report presents an individual’s scoring information in both tabular and graphical formats. The graphical format, referred to as the Skill Profile, is particularly useful for displaying a user’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the skills evaluated by the test.


Proficiency Levels:

The levels identified by the iTEP exams may be expressed briefly as follows:

  • Level 0: Beginning

  • Level 1: Elementary

  • Level 2: Low Intermediate

  • Level 3: Intermediate

  • Level 4: High Intermediate

  • Level 5: Low Advanced

  • Level 6: Advanced

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