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Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

Program Three Elective Tracks

  1. Information Technology Systems and Management

  2. Data Management and Analytics

  3. Software Design and Management

MSIT Program Objectives (PO)


Students who graduate from the MSIT program will be able to develop the following skills:


  1. IT Leadership & Management Skills: (SkillsUSA Framework: Academic)
    Demonstrate an ability to apply a significant amount of Information Technology knowledge within the following domains of the MSIT program (IT 509, ITSM 609, DMA 601, SDM 601)

    IT Systems & Management
    Data Analytics & Management
    Software Design & Management


  2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: (SkillsUSA: Workplace)
    To demonstrate the ability to perform critical thinking needed to analyse, design and lead solutions for Information Technology problems using an analytical decision-making approach (IT 505, IT 507, IT 509, DMA 607, DMA 609).


  3. Communication and Team Management Skills:(SkillsUSA: Workplace)
    To demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and mobilize and lead teams for a common purpose with a clear understanding of the IT needs of the organization. (IT 501, IT 511, ITSM 601, SDM 601, SDM 609).


  4. Integrity, Responsibility and Professionalism: (SkillsUSA: Personal)
    To demonstrate the ability to understand and analyse integrity, responsibility and professionalism as they apply to information technology issues within an organization, and to apply ethical decision-making principles during day-to-day operations. (IT 501, IT 509, ITSM 603, ITSM 609, DMA 605)

MSIT Program Core Courses
MSIT Program Elective tracks
Information Technology Systems and Management (ITSM) Elective Tracks (6)
Data Management and Analytics (DMA) Electives Tracks (6)
Software Design and Management (SDM) Elective Tracks (6)
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