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Spouse, and Children of Veterans

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Advance your potential through education

Washington University of Science and Technology recognizes the importance of the military spouse, and children of veterans. Their support is unquestionably vital to their service member, in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s military challenges.

It is also important to our veterans that their families are prepared to advance in today ever-changing environment to achieve success.

Washington University of Science and Technology shares in this and is committed to providing opportunity to the spouse of veterans and their dependent children.

Washington University of Science and Technology will offer the spouse and children of veterans a flat tuition fee of 750.00 per class. This is for undergraduate and graduate study. This does not include any administrative fees or book fees. The only requirement is the student must be registered as a full-time student, and maintain a 2.0, GPA undergraduate and a 3.0, GPA graduate level classes. Studies can be taken on line or on campus your choice.

The application fee to apply is also reduced to 10.00.

Apply today and get started on your career journey.

Our Mission is to provide you the best educational experience, from start to completion. Motivating, Mentoring, Keeping you on Point.

Undergraduate Program Admissions
Graduate Program Admissions
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