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Veteran Resource Center


Advance your potential through education

Veteran Resource Center, On Campus (Room 257). for you, to help you ! staffed by veterans just like you.

The mission is to support our veteran students from the first day of class to graduation. assisting you with the application process, credit transfer, choosing your program and setting your sights on graduation. 


We wore the same boots, understand the challenges, Its a difficult balance, work and school. In today's military assignments, promotions and overall career advancement are linked to education, professional career schools, and institutional education, degrees matter.


Once you have decided to leave the military it's important to be prepared, so start now. Then you will feel more comfortable moving forward with career decisions. If you have already separated, its never too late, and you are never too old to start a new career or enhance the one you are presently in.


So let us help you walk through that journey, Just like we did not that long ago!


Veterans, helping other veterans!


Our Mission is to provide you the best educational experience, from start to completion. Motivating, Mentoring, Keeping you on Point.

Undergraduate Program Admissions
Graduate Program Admissions
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